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Genuine Gerovital Procaine tablets and cream | Gerovital H3 100mg highest potency available!

Gerovital Original GH3 Procaine Formula

For years Gerovital H3 was only available to the very rich, film stars, head of state and presidents of rich, powerful countries; the reason being that the cost of having this treatment was prohibitive to the ordinary individual. GH3 treatment, now available in tablets, is finally available for all individuals wanting to look and feel young and healthy into advancing years at a very affordable price.

"It is believed that Gerovital ameliorates the oxygen functions in the circulatory system, improving the performance of every vital part in the human physiology. Gerovital has diverse effects in different users, at times it is not even noticed what is occurring until someone who knows you says "have you had a face surgery?" One of he most noticeable effects of GH-3 is that tired, dull skin regain elasticity and tautness in a short time ". Dr. Kratz

"Gerovital is a considerable advancement in the future of anti-aging research. The procaine HCL metabolites have a major impact on restoring crucial areas of the human physiology. GH-3 has rightfully acquired a strong notoriety among the elder community - it heightens joint flexibility and arterial fitness, enhances mental acuteness while driving mild depression away, and it also regenerates the skin. It is what you would define as an all-body formulation for delaying the symptoms of senescence". Dr. Paul Yutsis, M.D. - USA

"Gerovital-H3 is a most sophisticated formula in antiaging treatments. Any person wanting to protect or help with old age related conditions would take Gerovital supplements daily ". Dr. Hans Kluger. M.D. - USA