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Advanced Gerovital
Procaine 100mg GH3

Highest potency available!

Gerovital Original GH3 Procaine Formula

For years Gerovital H3 was only available to the very rich, film stars, head of state and presidents of rich, powerful countries; the reason being that the cost of having this treatment was prohibitive to the ordinary individual. GH3 therapy, which is in tablet form, is now available for those people who want to look and feel young and healthy into advancing years at a price they can afford.

"Ii is believed that Gerovital ameliorates the oxygen functions in the circulatory system, improving the performance of every vital part in the human physiology. Gerovital has diverse effects in different users, at times it is not even noticed what is occurring until someone who knows you says "have you had a facel surgery?" One of he most noticeable effects of GH-3 is that tired, dull skin regain elasticity and tautness in a short time ". Dr. Kratz

"Gerovital is a major step forward in the field of anti aging. The metabolites of procaine have enormous impact on restoring key areas in the body. GH-3 has deservedly earned a strong reputation among the older population - it enhances joint mobility and arterial health, improves mental acuity while chasing the blues away, and it also rejuvenates the skin. It's what you can call an all-body formula for postponing the signs of aging". Dr. Paul Yutsis, M.D. - USA

"Gerovital-H3 is a most sophisticated formula in antiaging treatments. Any person wanting to protect or help with old age related conditions would takie Gerovital supplements daily ". Dr. Hans Kluger. M.D. - USA